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We seek to develop a European network of experienced advocates and campaigners, thematic experts and young professionals. Our aim is to expand our reach through partnerships capable of complementing at national level our ability to help organisations in re-balancing power in decision-making; to achieve maximum impact through a combination of strategy, expertise and innovation; and to create professional opportunities for young graduates willing to work for the public interest.


EUChanger Network webinar: EU decision-making & influencing in the COVID-19 era


On 26 June EUChanger hosted a webinar: “Digital business as usual or total shake-up? EU decision-making & influencing in the COVID-19 era”.


We presented the results of our survey on the impacts of the coronavirus crisis on EU decision-making and influencing. Advocates heard from EU insiders, shared challenges and successes of operating in the new context and confronted their vision of the future.

Download a presentation of the survey results here.



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