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“I met passionate people and expanded my network” - Juliette Pagnon, IEEP

I had the opportunity to participate in the November 2021 virtual EUAcademy with 19 other advocates.

As a young graduate in public and international affairs from the University of Montreal, I had acquired some knowledge about political lobbying but I didn't know much about the EU decision-making process and policy cycle. Now working as a policy analyst for the Institute for Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP), I needed some help to apply what I had previously learned to this new context.

I have been especially sensitive to the training format that combines theory and practice. This combination allowed me to better understand and visualize the European decision-making process. I can now identify the key moments and people, and know when and how to intervene.

The training allowed me to develop my capacity for analysis, reflection, and action. It was also a great opportunity to meet other advocates from the EU bubble. Thanks to the speed dates organized during the four days of the training, I met passionate professionals from a large set of organizations and expanded my network.


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