Maria Sjödin

Very useful training for understanding how to influence the EU institutions and with a lot of concise tools for finding information and prioritizing who and when to lobby.

Fair Action

Mathilde Nonnon

The training was enriching and stimulating, I would highly recommend it. It provided us with tools and strategic insights on various aspects of EU lobbying. The simulation of the EU decision-making process gave us an in-depth understanding of how to approach the different actors.

WWF European Policy Office

Ceren Yildiz

I left with a very good understanding of opportunities for organisations representing the public interest at the various stages of the legislative procedure. As a result, I feel much better equipped to navigate the process and guide my organisation through.


Shannon Pfohman

All 8 of the training participants, coming from vastly different experiences when it comes to EU level advocacy - were really satisfied by the in-depth 4-day training that EUChanger tailor-made for us. Highly recommendable!

Caritas Europa

Stephanie Rochford

EU Changer has provided valuable support to PWYP members for more than two years through coordination of strategic advocacy positions, development of submissions and stakeholder engagement with EU institutions. We particularly value Marc's responsiveness and attention to detail as well as his extensive knowledge of the relevant processes and mechanisms through which to make change happen.

Publish What You Pay

Ton Nicolai

The quality of the presentations was amazingly high, not only in terms of content but also in terms of interaction between presenters and participants. The personal and group exercises were an essential complement to the presentations and were highly instructive.


Tammy Vallejo

Super essential training if you are working on advocacy or are planning to influence EU public policies. The training helped me to see "behind the curtains" of the EU institution so as an organisation you know when, how and with whom to engage in order to pursue the public interest that you represent.


Eugenia Andreyuk

The training was beyond my expectations. It combines both the general information about the overall functioning of the EU with in-depth practical tool and tips. Highly recommended for anyone involved in EU advocacy.

ADC Memorial

Julia Christian

The training was really useful, even though I have been doing advocacy for a few years, I learned many new things and came back with lots of ideas for my campaign. The trainers have many years of experience doing advocacy in Brussels and are full of advice & ideas. Highly recommend it even to people who've been in Brussels for a while!


Sylvia Obregon

Very good facilitation methodology


Eva Kreisler

The training provided practical knowledge and useful tools to deepen our advocacy work. The atmosphere created facilitated interaction and participation. The examples given and those drawn from the participants enriched and inspired the learning process.

Federación SETEM

Ophélie Stockhem

This training will definitely feed my work. In addition to providing practical tools, the training featured concrete examples from professionals with long term experience in EU advocacy and civil society. The trainers managed to keep the online format very interactive, concluding the training with a very insightful simulation of an EU decision-making process.

Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT)

Julia Symon

I appreciated the detailed insights into the stages of the EU legislative process and its stakeholders, which allow to identify major points of influence and design advocacy strategies. Practical "tips and tricks" conveyed in the training will be valuable to implement advocacy actions.

Finance Watch

Olive Towey

A hugely enriching training by highly expert individuals. All you ever wanted to know about engaging and influencing at EU level.

Concern Worldwide

Flaminia Tacconi

The EU advocacy training was an eye-opener in many ways. I feel I can now move to another level of EU advocacy making. I greatly appreciated all the practical tools shared to gather intel and be able to do proper advocacy.

Client Earth

Frédérique Mongodin

An enjoyable and quality experience ! A comprehensive and thoughtful training on advocacy techniques and challenges delivered by a balanced and skilled team.

Seas at Risk

Luisa Fondello

Very good dynamic training methodology and very good trainers (good public speakers, able to capture attention and engage participants, very knowledgeable and able to provide real-life simple but emblematic examples...). Very valuable tips and tricks from the speakers from the EU institutions, as well as very good training materials.

Caritas Europa

Till Ehrmann

Well-structured training that touched on all essentials of EU advocacy. The external guests gave highly informative insights into the day-to-day reality of those who are targets of lobbying and advocacy, and explained how to best approach them. Almost too little time for all the content!

Finance Watch

Léon Mokeni

Le succès de la formation réside en ce qu’elle a réussi en peu de temps à attiser mon désir de m’engager, de prendre position et d’oser. Les formateurs ont su relever le challenge de rendre digeste une matière dense et complexe en peu de temps.

RCN Justice & Démocratie

Julien Jacquot

Everybody should have that understanding of the EU!


Tibbe Larsen

The workshop with EUChanger was very valuable. It gave great detailed insight into decision-making at EU level, avenues for national level influence, stakeholders and targets for advocacy.

Clean Clothes Campaign

Michael Rice

The trainers have a huge wealth of technical knowledge and practical experience. I learned a lot!


Ella Jakubowska

This was one of the best training courses I have attended - very informative and thought-provoking. I left with a renewed sense of energy and a set of new tools / perspectives to approach my work. The trainers were extremely knowledgeable and very good at transferring this knowledge to participants.


Etelle Higonnet

A very enlightening and useful training! I highly recommend it to any NGO which is seeking to advocate within the EU system, for human rights or the environment.

National Wildlife Federation

Veronica Scognamiglio

One of the best trainings I have ever attended, full of practical examples and tips. Quite intense and full of knowledge that will take time to digest.

Amnesty International EU Office

Miranda Ruchtie

The training has given me a broader understanding of the whole EU process of regulation and legislation. It will certainly have a positive and constructive effect on my way of working in the future.

European Central Council of Homeopaths (ECCH)

Alejandro Garcia Esteban

As a beginner in the EU bubble, this was a very useful training. It helped me understand better how the EU policy-making process actually works in practice. It taught me how to better identify and approach the relevant stakeholders in my field of work and how to better formulate and adapt my message.

European Coalition for Corporate Justice (ECCJ)

Muriel Unden

The trainers spotted exactly what is relevant for an advocacy officer to learn; no window-dressing, the training goes straight to the point, deep into the details of decision-making - how it really happens.


Sarah Vaes

The training inspires, motivates, gives tools and strategic insights to do EU lobbying but also makes very clear that it takes a strong investment (in time and capacity) to do it well.


Kelsey Perlman

You really know your stuff and you share the knowledge. I have plenty of ideas on how to improve my own campaigns.


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