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Advocacy Toolbox

This toolbox gives access to online tools to help advocates access essential information on EU decision-making and influencing efficiently.

Access to document requests -

Consult the outcome of requests for access to documents of EU institutions under Regulation 2001/1049 or file your own request. is a civil society open source platform. Requests can also be filed via the website of the institution holding the documents.

Access documents, Map interest groups

Council live

Watch public deliberations and press conferences of the Council.

Track decision-making

EU Whoiswho

Official directory of the EU

Identify decision-makers

Guide to drafting EU legislation

Understand the different parts of EU legislative acts and the principles that guide their drafting and amending.

Know rules & processes, Provide input

Presidency of the Council - Czech Republic (H2 2022)

Access the Presidency programme and calendar of events of the Cezch Presidency of the Council of the EU

Understand policies & issues, Track decision-making, Access documents

Secondary legislation: Comitology Register

Comitology procedures give Member States a say in implementing acts. The register contains a list of all comitology committees and documents that enable you to trace the different stages of an implementing act throughout its entire lifecycle. For delegated acts, see the Register of Commission Expert Groups.

Track decision-making, Know rules & processes, Access documents

Transparency Register

What interests are being pursued, by whom and with what budgets? See also and

Map interest groups

Council Document register

Access documents of the Council of the EU and European Council that have been made public or request access: legislative documents, meeting documents (agendas, minutes, conclusions, votes, outcomes), press releases.

Access documents

Council meeting calendar

Calendar of meetings of the Council and its preparatory bodies. Filter by Council configuration to access relevant meetings.

Track decision-making, Access documents


Register of EU law, EU case law and parliamentary questions. Includes a feature to search by EU lawmaking procedures. Also includes a register of national law and case law of Member states.

Access documents, Know rules & processes, Track decision-making

Permanent Representations of Member States

Identify representatives of Member States in the Council and its preparatory bodies. Level of transparency varies for each Member State.

Identify decision-makers

Presidency of the Council - France (H1 2022)

Access the Presidency programme and calendar of events of the French Presidency of the Council of the EU

Understand policies & issues, Track decision-making, Access documents

Secondary legislation: Register of delegated and implementing acts

Access to the various steps in the preparation, adoption, scrutiny and publication of secondary legislation. Calendar of meetings of expert groups advising the Commission on Delegated Acts.

Track decision-making, Access documents

Trio Presidency Programme 2022-2023 (FR-CZ-SE)

Programme of the Trio Presidency of the Council of the EU (France-Czech Republic-Sweden, January 2022-June 2023)

Understand policies & issues, Track decision-making

Council Voting System & Calculator

Understand the Council voting sytem and map Member States' positions

Prepare for a vote, Know rules & processes

Council preparatory bodies

Identify working parties and committees preparing decisions of Ministers

Identify decision-makers

European Ombudsman

Independent and impartial non-judicial body that holds the EU’s institutions and agencies to account. File a complaint to report maladministration by an institution. Read the reports of the Ombudsman's proactive investigations on systemic issues.

Access documents, Know rules & processes

Presidencies of the Council

List of presidencies of the Council of the EU until 2030.

Identify decision-makers

Register of Commission Expert Groups (and other similar entities)

Register of groups advising the Commission for the preparation and implementation of legislation and policies, and of other consultative entities managed by the Commission.

Map interest groups, Provide input

Secondary legislation: procedure for implementing & delegated acts

Understand the decision-making process for secondary legislation.

Know rules & processes

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