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EUChanger Consultancy

Strategic advice: We assist in identifying opportunities to achieve meaningful change and in developing a roadmap to influence complex EU policy-making and legislative processes.

Research:  We carry out research in support of key campaign building blocks (theory of change, power map, alliance strategy) and in thematic policy areas.

Advocacy: We help in reaching out to decision-makers and influencers in a timely and effective way, using a wide set of tools including briefings, one-to-one meetings, events, access to documents requests, opinion pieces.

EUChanger Network

We seek to develop a European network of experienced advocates and campaigners, thematic experts and young professionals.

Our aim is:

To expand our reach through partnerships capable of complementing at national level our ability to help organisations in rebalancing power in decision-making

To achieve maximum impact through a combination of strategy, expertise and innovation

To create professional opportunities for young graduates willing to work for the public interest.

CC-BY-4.0: © European Union 2019 – Source: EP

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EUChanger Academy

We organise trainings for those advocating for the public good:

Our EUAcademy covers the essentials of EU decision-making covering the functioning of the key EU institutions, policy-making and legislative procedures and essential influencing tools.


We organise trainings on demand tailored to the specific needs of organisations advocating in the public interest. These trainings can cover specific EU decision-making processes and policy areas.