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Putting public interest first!


We help organisations working for a more inclusive, equal, and sustainable Europe,

to re-balance power in EU decision-making in favour of the public interest.

Our work

Simulation EU Advocacy policy making

EU Academy

We organise trainings for advocates defending the public interest across Europe to enhance their understanding of EU decision-making and their influencing skills.

EU training advocacy

We tailor trainings to respond to the needs of organisations working in the public interest across Europe, covering specific EU decision-making processes, policy areas and skills.

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We support organisations working for the public good in Europe and beyond, to identify opportunities for change, develop effective strategies, and achieve their goals.

Trainings on demand

In the spotlight

Registration is open
11th EU Academy
30-31 May, 2024

Join us and experience an interactive and practical two-day training on EU decision-making and influencing for public interest advocates.

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What people say about us

The EU Academy  provided holistic, very straightforward, and hands-on guidance on how to navigate the complex EU bubble. It helped me to understand how to level up my advocacy work while keeping in mind a long-term perspective.


Maris Pedeja

Friends of the Earth/CEE Bankwatch

EU Academy, May 2023

The training met the needs of our participants, who are based in Amnesty's national offices in EU Member States, to improve their understanding of how to influence the EU decision-making process in EU capitals. We believe it will have a positive impact on their work and on our internal coordination and synergy.

Veronica Scognamiglio

Amnesty International European Institutions Office

Training on demand, June 2023

EU Changer has provided valuable support through coordination of strategic advocacy positions, development of submissions and stakeholder engagement with EU institutions.

Stephanie Rochford

Publish What You Pay

EUChanger Consultancy, 2021

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