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What we offer

Strategic advice

Strategic advice

We assist organisations to identify relevant EU policy processes, define change goals, map decision-makers and influencers, and plan impactful activities ahead of key decision moments.



We help teams to get to grips with complex EU policy-making and legislative processes, help individual team members to deal with the challenges of starting to engage with decision-makers and support them in designing and implementing effective advocacy strategies.

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We help organisations to keep up with unfolding policy processes and deliver impactful advocacy. We reach out to decision-makers and influencers in a timely and effective way, using a wide set of tools including briefings, one-to-one meetings, events, access to documents requests, opinion pieces.

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We support organisations working for the public good in Europe and beyond, to identify opportunities for change, develop effective strategies, and achieve their goals.

Reach out to us

Is your organisation defending the public interest in an area where the EU plays an important role? Do you need strategic advice, coaching for your team or support reach out to EU decision-makers? We’re interested in hearing about your work and available to discuss how we can support you.

What people say about working with us

EU Changer helped design a multi-year advocacy and outreach strategy for our organisation, relating to a complex issue that was not at the forefront of EU policymakers' minds.

We particularly value Marc-Olivier's responsiveness and attention to detail as well as his extensive knowledge of the relevant processes and mechanisms through which to make change happen.

The EU Changer team's ears were always close to the ground, so they (and we) were able to be ahead of the game, identifying opportunities to influence and to build support for our priorities. Their attention to detail was impressive.

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