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About us

Learn about our mission, our team, who we’ve worked for, and what people say about us .

Our mission

At EUChanger we support organisations working for a more inclusive, equal, and sustainable Europe, to re-balance power in EU decision-making in favour of the public interest.

We do this through trainings and by providing strategic advice, coaching and assistance in delivering effective advocacy at EU level.

We are also keen to help young professionals seeking to become public interest advocates to develop their EU knowledge, their influencing skills and their network.

Our team

Marc-Olivier Herman

I founded EUChanger in 2018. I'm a lawyer with over twenty years of experience as an advocate for human rights, the environment and economic justice. Since 2011, I have been a member of Oxfam International’s EU advocacy team, leading on the organisation’s influencing work in various areas of EU policy and legislation, including on financial regulation, climate change, renewable energy, unfair trading practices and corporate governance. I have also worked as an EU policy consultant for the Natural Resource Governance Institute and Publish What You Pay (PWYP), a global movement working to ensure that revenues from oil, gas and mining help improve people’s lives.

María Laura Helguero 

I support EUChanger’s trainings, communications, and consultancy as a Junior Consultant. I come from Ecuador where I studied Business Administration and worked in the public sector and the private sector. I graduated with a Master in Rural Development from the University of Ghent in 2021. Since then, I have conducted research on rural development and food systems in the Global South and worked on food governance projects in small and medium-sized cities. I have been involved in various advocacy initiatives on fair trade issues at EU level and have provided consultancy services on advocating for scientific innovation to address the ecological crisis.

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Maria Laura 2REV2.JPG

Who we’ve worked for

We have worked for organisations of all sizes and with advocates of diverse backgrounds from across Europe. They are active on a wide range of issues: climate, the environment, human rights, migration, finance, development, humanitarian affairs, corporate accountability, criminal justice and more. The desire to promote the public interest is what they all

have in common.

What people
say about us

“...The key messages I take from the training are: 'it's all about building relations', 'timing is (very) important', and 'anticipating is key'. The training provided me with the tools and knowledge to better strategise my advocacy engagement”

Nicole Kormann

ZOE Institute 

EU Academy, May 2023

Invaluable insights on the EU law-making process. This should be a compulsory training for all NGOs campaigners and advocates!

Priscilla Robledo

Fair/Clean Clothes Campaign Italy

Training on demand, December 2021

I would happily recommend EUChanger for anyone looking to gather intelligence about or influence the EU institutions.

James Royston

World Animal Protection

​EUChanger Consultancy, 2019

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