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A great mix of theoretical and practical knowledge – Andrea Bambi, IEEP

In my work at the Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP), a sustainability think-tank, we focus on policies safeguarding the environment, public health and the climate. The EUAcademy Bursting the Brussels Bubble – Advocating for the public good from Amsterdam to Zagreb of November 2021 has been a very useful and enriching experience.

The aim of this training is to give public good advocates the tools to efficiently influence the EU decision-making process and to succesfully reach their advocacy objectives. The training started with an in-depth introduction to EU institutions and processes to help participants identify the relevant actors and tools when advocating. This was followed by more practical and hands-on sessions. We received valuable insights from a European Parliament insider and lobbied on a legislative file during a simulation.

What I liked most about this training was the thouroughness of the trainers, and how they made sure the information they were providing was well received and assimilated by participants. Another key component of the training was the inclusion of an insider’s perspective, which enriched the training with knowledge that is impossible to find in academic books.


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